Introducing Air Pilot Logbook, a great new Digital Logbook designed to simplify the Pilot’s Activity. Whether you’re flying as a private and/or as a professional*, record all of your flights and simulator sessions in one place.

*Taylor-made version of Air Pilot Logbook for Airlines is available on request. Contact us for details.

User Friendly Interface

Entries are made easy by a mix usage of logos and texts. Pre formatted templates are helpful to record a new activity.

Worldwide usage

Based on ICAO rules and practise, Air Pilot Logbook is designed to stay in compliance with most International requirements. Wherever your activity takes place, we only use official definitions and descriptions.

Always synchronised

Air Pilot Logbook monitors constantly your documents, ratings, qualifications, including expiry dates, renewals, recency. The Monitoring feature will keep you notified should any expiry date approach.

  • Entries

    Make a new entry in a very easy manner (automatically or manually). Amend, cancel or search for a specific one.

  • Totals

    Air Pilot Logbook will automatically update all of your Total Flight Times, P1, P2, Solo, VFR, IFR, S/E time, M/E time.... Totals are easily accessible at any time through templates logically designed.

  • Monitor

    Keep a visual overview of your licenses, qualifications, ratings expiry dates as well as duty time limitations and much more. A very efficient way to maintain the different documents always valid.

  • Import

    Switch from paper printed logbook to Air Pilot Logbook manually or by using our automated import features from LogTen Pro or even from your company record.

  • Chat

    Private chat between crew members on a same flight. Share operational pre-flight decisions and use it for social purposes by staying in touch with your colleagues during stop-overs.

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  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "In my opinion this is the “Go to” app for pilots. I have been using the application for over a year now and am very impressed with the function and layout. Syncs direct with the company I work for with all aircraft types and destinations available at a click of a button. Super communication and support a long the way and all updates to the app has made the experience more and more versatile to a day to day life as a pilot. If your like me and unable to decide which digital logbook to go for, I believe this is the one stop solution to your requirements. Quick, reliable and easy to use."

    Andreas Wolf, Air Hong Kong

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "I’ve used many flight logbooks over my flying career and this is one of the best there is, it’s user friendly and has many great features. The ability to add qualification and track expiry is a real bonus and will help pilots stay aware of their ongoing validity which can be a major concern. I like the ability to switch fleets and change rank as well. The automatic calculation and allowed night/day adjustment is very handy when you do a lot of day night operations. The ongoing software updates and improving capability of this APP make it a must for all pilots to consider. Five Stars from me !"

    Flying Training Manager Development
    Colin Couch, Cathay Pacific

Air Pilot Logbook

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